about marketon5thave

You can probably argue that you can get good enough food just about anywhere. But in a hospital? With Market on 5th Avenue, you definitely can! And not just good enough food, you can get really good food!

Gone are the days when there was no other choice but to settle for gulping down every chunk of hospital food just to fill your stomach. Chef Florabel Co-Yatco has yet again resolved palatable problems with her ingenious passion for taste. Who would have thought that a renowned and accomplished restaurateur would care to open a restaurant inside a hospital?

Known for world-class healthcare excellence, St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City, Taguig, is the fitting location for Chef Florabel’s world-class dishes. The menu is a good spread of Asian cuisine, and the atmosphere is refreshingly non-hospital! In the neighborhood? Drop by the Market on 5th Avenue for affordable yet flavorful and healthy eats!